I would play it if this is what they looked like

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Does this seem familiar to you Rachel? :3

This game… keeps surprising me… I so was not expecting the attractive one to be like this…

Omg, I was playing the game “I Want 2 Be Single” and everything was relatively normal until this point. I was thinking “I wonder what her dad looks like” and this is what popped onto my screen. Lets just say I was laughing for a good 5 minutes.

Can you guys hear her panting?


oh yeah yesterday severa tried to hook priam up with emmeryn, at least i think it was severa

anyway they didn’t start dating, but literally right after severa trying to get priam and emmeryn together, i see that emmeryn is in love with someone, so:

the whole ordeal was definitely something, and the rest is under the cut:

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Thought of you Rachel

My dog has been following me today… At first I thought she was hungry/thirsty but she wasn’t. Then I thought she wanted outside. So I let her out but when I turn around she’s at the door begging to come back in. Now she’s in my room breathing heavily on my back and resting her face on my butt…



so i started playing DMMD

This is never not funny

Hahaha “what da f*ck” killed me



So i did this….


based on this

i’m so done hahahaha


Oops my hand slipped. 

and I made a crappy conclusion

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun  |  Mikoshiba Mikoto in episode 2 appreciation post

The last gif looked like he was biting his arm

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