make me choose one: taehyung or jin? asked by carrrrot

X3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this man so much



Requested by tallyhomofo. Hope you like it! >w< I had a hard time picking out CGs since I’m not really a fan of his CGs that are out so far. e3e;;

Made for iPhone 5(C/S).

*quickly changes lock screen* >.>

Fangirling so hard I needed an outlet

I had to just post about my lovely boys and just spread the feels - V! Kookie! Kevin! SARANGHAE!

Ok… I’m done for now :3 until I see more vids…. *goes back to youtube*

If you ever watch After School Club on Arirang this is a must see episode with Bangtan/BTS especially at 32:39. Trust me at some point you will either squeal/fangirl orrrr laugh your ass off

So funny I love you Bangtan!

Oh V how much I adore you and your goofiness (red shirt orange hair)

These boys are my most recent obsession V and Kookie (Jungkook) omg if I could I would hold onto these boys and never let them go!


Besides what has already been listed as being hurtful in that particular KMM (I’ll get to that later), one thing I personally find offensive to K-Pop fans is how Martina kept mocking the way a young fan supposedly talks — with the slight lisp or trying to sound stereotypically nerdy (some crap…


I’m not really a fan of EYK (or anything on Youtube for that matter) but I just know them through K-pop stuff and saw them linked on Reddit a while ago. Not a ‘Nasty’ or whatever. Not some Anti-fan.

However, some people on this blog are being REALLY oblivious to the obvious here. Like, crazy…


今宵はほら二人で 1000%LOVE

this made me giggle like an idiot 

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